Our Bomb Shelter Stickers Goes Magnetic!

Posted by Lamed Aleph31 on

LA31 always try ways and other possibilities to evolve our products into another levels. And we are proud to launch our bomb shelter sticker as.... A Magnet! Yes, A magnetic design sheet. We have tested and prove its quality, which provides exclusive alternative for home owners who may gets bored after a while on their existing designs.

It is easy to install, hassle free trimming as our magnetic sheet is soft to cut, and totally water resistant.

So now our new products allows home owners to change their designs whenever they wants, just stick and  'unstick'. And home owners can resell it to others if they wants to! Want to stick them on your fridge, by all means.

Currently we open this exclusive product to I.D firms, renovation contractors, distributorship & other forms of business collaborations. Just give us a call, we are a click away and we are more than glad to have a chat.

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