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What is the Salt Initiative?

Salt Initiative (known as Stop And Listen Tees) is an idea created by LA31 is to raise a cause on what is happening around the world. It is a social voice that we hope to touch and raise social awareness against transgressions, abuses, violence, discrimination, anti racial matters and others etc.

Despite people comes from different races, colors and background, we all are one mankind. Being gracious and harmonious towards one another is what we should edify, not just ourselves, but also on passing the right values to the next generations.


Why is Salt Initiative created?

Sometimes ago I was leaning on my balcony at my home and I came across a social news viral online about an article on children's organs harvesting. There was a picture which was taken in Malaysia and Thailand borders and in the picture there were about 100 kids bodies being found in a isolated warehouse. These children were abducted and kidnapped, and their organs were harvested to black markets.

It just shattered my heart. As a father of a child, a family man and a human, I knew I cannot pretend it didn't happens, and just erase that image off my mind. And I believes, many of us can't.

So this is how Salt Initiative was created.


What is Salt Initiative objectives?

As earlier mentioned in my introduction, Salt Initiative is projected by LA31. LA31 is corporate business entity that provides creative home & decors services. However for Salt Initiative, we created this so that it can serves a long lasting project which we be using on fashion wearables mainly like Tees or other stuffs which can people can wear them on their bodies to create awareness & educational purposes.

We hope through this platform, we can able to reach out as many people as we can. And we hope one day, and some parts of the world, we can see people wearing "Our Voice", and this voice will becomes theirs, and it just keep on going. So hopefully this, we can able to raise up these people to be the Salt & Light of the world.

So kindly supports us now. Be Human.


Visit our store at:  https://society6.com/la31

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