The Story of LA31.

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Hi, This is the 1st blog that I have ever written. It is also the beginning of many many things of what we are going to achieve. Many people asks me, what does LA31 stands for, what is Lamed Aleph means? And why 31? To make it easy for all our customers to know about LA31, this blog is about where and how we begins. The answer is, it means nothing. It just happens that it is one of a calendar day it has in a month and that number represents the owner, and Lamed Aleph is a hebrew word for '31'.

So who is Lamed Aleph? Us! The people are involve in this project, our business. We are all Lamed Aleph. I believe it is not about what kind of business that can makes it works, it is the people that make the business work and successful.

So what is our business? It's Us :)

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